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      dear future million dollar real estate investor,
        You've stumbled across this Wholesaling Houses thing and at first were skeptical if it was a real thing. Then after jumping around on Facebook and Youtube you confirmed to yourself that the concept is legit. Now you need the best information to get your first deals. Retire that w2 job. Own your own time. Live the Dream. All of this and more is possible once you have THE CODE!

        I got started with real estate investing back in 2009. I have done over 1,000 deals in my career and I AM ACTIVELY DOING ABOUT 10 DEALS + PER MONTH IN MY PHOENIX MARKET! I believe that integrity with education is only teaching what you know how to do and have successfully done. Because I have successfully wholesaled so many homes and scaled that business, I understand how amazing the business is. 
          For that reason, why would I ever stop wholesaling houses?! Of course I wouldn't! Not only does it provide an AMAZING ACTIVE INCOME source, but it also feeds my PASSIVE INCOME PRODUCING Real Estate Portfolio!  

          It is only because I Believe in YOU, Believe in this BUSINESS, and have proven and documented the systems and processes to successfully dominate in it, that I feel honored and privileged to extend this personal invitation for you to join, THE CODE.

          I first started in 2009 right after the real estate market had collapsed. There were a lot of deals to be had at all time low sales prices. I was looking to apply my knowledge in sales that I acquired working at a car dealership for 4 years into real estate investing. I had a partner who understood the transactions, but we had no marketing budget. So I door knocked. I door knocked myself into dozens of deals! Then I started calling the lists. I cold called myself into dozens more! 

          I still remember that first deal I door knocked myself into a $14,000 pay day!! The timing was unbelievable with my first Son on the way and in a tiny crammed apartment! It was $14,000 but it felt like $14 Million! Looking back, it was more valuable than $14 Million, because it proved to myself that I was real, this business is real and I could make so much more than $14 Million in it! And so can YOU!!!

          In 2012, I was doing 5 deals per month from cold calling, when I bought my first rental property! I was stoked! I'll never forget that first rent check that came for $850. The mortgage was only $350 including taxes and insurance. So you can imagine how excited it was to know I would have at least $500 coming to me on the 1st of each month for the rest of my life, before I got up for work!

          Today I have wholesaled over 1,200 homes for many Millions in Wholesale Fees. Additionally, I own 26 rentals which continue to provide more passive income and lifetime wealth. 

          In 2017, I read a book that changed my life. The book, Dot Com Secrets, talked about sharing your gifts with others that want the information. 

          I had first dreamed about acquiring the knowledge in real estate to be able to help others do the same. I knew that this meant I would enjoy the fruits of the success of being a successful real estate investor. 

          When I read Russell's book, I had the most amazing feeling come over me as I saw for the first time, a way to share my information with others who wanted to also have their lives changed through real estate investing.

          I started coaching students that year(2017) and have continued to do so over the past 2 years. I have coached over 200 students how to Cold Call on Steroids and the results have been amazing from literally almost all of my students. Before you call BS on that success rate, know that the price tag on that course has never been less than $2,000 and for the first 12 months was ticketed at $5,000 to take my class. I wanted to work with ACTION TAKERS ONLY!

          But now, I want to take the information to the world. I want to help as many people as I can to change their lives through real estate investing for themselves, and for their families! 

          As I sit here writing you this letter on this gorgeous Tuesday afternoon on the 7th story overlooking the Gulf of California in Puerto Penasco Mexico at my Personal Beach House, I can tell you with all the integrity in the world that this business works, it is amazing, and I have cracked THE CODE on how to wholesale the best way!

          I personally believe that we can have everything in this life we want if we live a life of faith and gratitude and take action in the right way.

          Together we can do more.

          Don't miss the opportunity to join in on this NEW SERIES which includes everything you need to be a successful Real Estate Wholesale Investor!

          Classes will be taught LIVE with Q&A at the end and those sessions will be recorded for you so you can listen over and over again while you grow in the business and start doing tons of deals! You'll be getting my contracts, .pdf's, trackers, and more. I'll literally teach over this 19 Part Course the ENTIRE BUSINESS!

          All for only. three. Dollars!

          Grab The Code today, and I'll see you on the other side!

          Joshua Gayman
          THE CODE 19 Part Series Includes:
          1. Understanding the Real Estate Business.

          2. Understanding the Wholesale Business Niche.

          3. It's all Marketing!

          4. It's all Conversion!

          5. (Pause!) You Better Know Underwriting!

          6. How to Make Offers

          7. How to Max Profit Each Deal!

          8. How To Net the Fish! (Ink the deal!)

          9. Follow Up Game Strong.

          10. Going Over the Seller Contract
          11. The Walk Through - Pictures. Access.

          12. Transaction Coordinating. (Title, Paperwork)

          13. Cash Buyer List Building

          14. Marketing to Cash Buyers

          15. Selling to Cash Buyers

          16. Wholesaling and Flipping: The Comparison

          17. The Assignment Contract.

          18. The Best Wholesaling Business in the World

          19. Cash Flow. 
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